The most important Social Media- and Marketing-Studies from 2013

Social Media and Marketing Studies 2013

SM_Marketing2013engThe most important Social Media- and Online Marketing-Studies from 2013 – In the fast-paced online world, it is important to constantly have an overview of current market developments and future prospects. To keep you up-to-date, we are gathering the most important studies, surveys and data on the topic of social media and online marketing. This list will continuously maintained and curated. So check back every day, you won’t regret it!

(Ps: The whole SocialMedia Institute-Website will be available in the foreseeable future in English.)

Ps: Eine Übersicht aller wichtigen Social Media und Online Marketing Studien findet sich hier.

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  • (27.03.2013) „Old Facebook-Post make you happy“ – Study from Study by University of Portsmouth (PDF)
  • (20.03.2013) YouTube Hits a Billion Monthly Users
  • (13.03.2013) German Social Media Report 2012/13 von Marketing Center Münster & Ronald Berger Strategy Consultants
  • (06.03.2013) The Evolution of Social Business: Six Stages of Social Business Transformation via Altimeter Group
  • (04.03.2013) “How women organize social networks different from men
  • (01.03.2013) Facebook Live Stats – Our Facebook live stats section allows you to compare the real time development of Facebook pages’ fans. We show the total fan amount as well as the estimated fan development.


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